“Thank you to DCGS-N Program Contractor Support. The DCGS-N Program test case execution event is proving that the mountain of work over the past several years reflects an impressive record of success. The issues identified will contribute to our future successes.”

CAPT Scott Heller


“As support to BAE Systems on the PMP contract over the past four years, ODME Solutions has supported the successful development and management of all DCGS-N operational and functional requirements to support delivery of a portfolio of ISR product baselines for the Navy. On the Block 2 DCGS-N development, they supported the development of detailed system performance documents, specifications, and interface requirements documents. The high quality of these systems has provided the government with significant installation cost savings.”

“Despite encountering several unique and often unanticipated challenges during design and development, ODME technicians identified solutions to multiple issues, working iteratively with all stakeholders and government technical warrant holders to accomplish all design, integration, and testing necessary needed to field the systems.”

“ODME Solutions has supported the delivery of systems under tight government budgets, and has implemented several technical changes at government direction with no cost impacts.”

“ODME Solutions successfully supported rapid startup effort in government facilities upon subcontract award, setting up all required integration facilities and standing up production within three months. This was noteworthy as a great deal of this work was not originally planned to be part of the PMP contract, but was a short notice add due to emergent government requirements. DOME has supported the successfully delivery of 8 systems under this contract, including several where they helped BAE Systems meet accelerated delivery schedules to support operational commitments.”

“ODME has performed very well on multiple technically challenging cost plus DO’s, allowing BAE Systems to successfully manage to the cost targets set by government resource sponsors.”

“BAE Systems has very high satisfaction with the ODME Solutions efforts under PMP. They have delivered all required support on time and at the planned cost. They work closely with the government engineering and our design teams to ensure delivery of a quality product that meets fleet user requirements. We have seen a close partnership with them to execute a complex C4ISR design and integration effort, overcoming multiple technical and programmatic challenges to meet all required milestones.”

“Program Manager, Mannie Keeton, has authority to commit resources and is responsible for program performance, resulting in all work to date delivered on time and within budget. The PM holds regular meetings with BAE Systems to provide status and address issues. ODME also works closely with the government technical agent, SSC LANT, to manage technical and program issues for the program office. ODME participates in all required working meetings and IPTs, and submits a monthly Contractor’s Progress, Status and Management Report to assist BAE Systems with managing the program.”

Phil Turner
DCGS-N Program, BAE Systems


“It is a pleasure to recommend Mannie Keeton as I had the pleasure of working with Mannie at PEO C4I PMW 770-2 for approximately 3 years. The most important aspect of my dealings with Mannie was her Customer-First attitude. Since I was in a remotely-located SME support role, the person I knew to call if I needed anything done at PEO was Mannie Keeton because I knew she would work tirelessly to see it through. I wholeheartedly recommend Mannie.”

Jose Chavez
Program Manager, SSC PAC-SD


“As the acquisition code for undersea communications / strategic communications we have responsibilities to US Navy Fleet components and other stakeholders for fielding / maintaining strategic communications assets for submerged platforms. During Mannie Keeton tenure at SPAWAR PEO C4I, PMW 770-2, Mannie was responsible for the day to day updates of information required for presentation to the PMW 770 front office to track acquisition progress and responses to the Fleet for critical repairs and updates to strategic / tactical communications systems on submerged platforms to include SSNs, SSGNs and SSBNs. Mannie consistently anticipated requirements of program / project managers and prepared concise informational products for 770-2 that could be called up at any time by managers / front office personnel with up to date status in a clear and concise manner. Mannie is a true corporate asset and consummate professional in project management.”

Eric Courtland
SPAWAR/PEO C4I PMW 770-2 Strategic Antenna Systems Project Manager, US Navy (Ret)


“I brought Mannie Keeton on to work alongside a customer (EDS) who had highly demanding performance criteria in a fast paced environment in which her predecessor was unable to deliver the necessary results. Coming in, she assessed the program and it’s dependencies. Then she quickly established a successful program performance baseline resulting in improved client satisfaction and overall program milestone performance.Mannie is a great resource to have access to with a depth of skills that benefit any program she is supporting. I recommend and would work again with her if given the opportunity.”

Robert Draper
Program Manager ,VPSI


“Mannie Keeton is an outstanding performer with a wide range of capabilities. She is one of the few professionals who has the capability to take on any new challenge and out perform her peers. Mannie is exceptionally intelligent, with a personality that fits well within a team or to work singularly with minimum or no supervision. Without reservation, I recommend Mannie for any demanding position or assignment.”

Terry Simpson
Captain, US Navy (Ret)


“ODME Solutions’ engineers ability to problem solve have been invaluable to our DCGS-N Program installations.  Since the Navy has shifted over to the Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise Services (CANES) architecture our installations have become far more complex.  Systems Engineer-Jeff’s calming influence during some of the more stressful times has been greatly appreciated and a fine personal asset. In short I would take Jeff on any and all installations I oversee.  His professional future is limitless.  ODME Solutions not only has an outstanding employees but also engineers that other corporations would love to have in their fold.”

Neil Bagozzi
SSC-LANT DCGS-N On Site Installation Coordinator