Our Testimonials

  • I would personally like to thank Mr. Louis Lopes and Mr. Daniel Patton for their outstanding support during USS Blue Ridge's C5I focused sea trials. The event was a resounding success. The invaluable training and systems assessment you provided significantly increased communications and information systems readiness onboard the Navy's Seventh Fleet Flagship. Bravo Zulu!

    Commanding Officer, USS Blue Ridge sends, DTG 120809ZNOV18

  • Your team was responsible for resolving one of the open CASREPs for USS Blue Ridge in support of their mission for COMSEVENTHFLT. This effort has been extremely high visibility with daily reports to the SPAWAR CO, FRD, FSO, and other key Leadership all the way up to the three star level.....Bravo Zulu!

    RDML Edward Anderson, Deputy Commander, Fleet Readiness, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

  • Mannie, Just wanted to follow our conversation with this email, and reiterate my THANK YOU for your team’s exemplary service! I typically measure a team’s success when tasking becomes unbearable, and your team has succeeded in my eyes. It is evident that your team’s (Robert/Terry/Zane/Jonathan) willingness and personal sacrifice to get the job done was beyond reproach. These past few weeks, there was a clear demonstration of: Terry’s leadership and demand to get the job done; Robert’s quickness and technical brilliance, resolving an interface issue and saving the day for a pre-deployer with less than a day’s notice; Jonathan’s tireless efforts to prep systems for a multi-national exercise. Please accept my token of appreciation, as I am happy to have you as teammates!

    SPAWAR SSC PAC Government Lead

  • Mannie, I know that we've (NAOC2) recently thanked you for your company's assistance on the Fleet Support front. But I wanted to give an additional thank you to you and Zane. NAOC2 had an emergent trouble-call from a ship that was deploying in less than 24 hours. Zane went above and beyond in resolving the issue for the ship. He dropped his current work load, went out to the ship, discovered the issue, generated a work-around, and left a ship happy, satisfied, and returned precious time to a group of sailors so they could spend those last precious minutes with family before deployment. Zane's dedication and professionalism is truly remarkable and I hope that not only you know it, but realize that we know it as well. Once again, thank you ODME and thank you Zane!

    SPAWAR SSC PAC Government Lead

  • Thank you to DCGS-N Program Contractor Support. The DCGS-N Program test case execution event is proving that the mountain of work over the past several years reflects an impressive record of success. The issues identified will contribute to our future successes.

    Captain Scott Heller - SPAWAR PEOC4I, PMW 120

  • It is a pleasure to recommend Mannie Keeton as I had the pleasure of working with Mannie at PEO C4I PMW 770-2 for approximately 3 years. The most important aspect of my dealings with Mannie was her Customer-First attitude. Since I was in a remotely-located SME support role, the person I knew to call if I needed anything done at PEO was Mannie Keeton because I knew she would work tirelessly to see it through. I wholeheartedly recommend Mannie.

    Jose Chavez - Program Manager, SSC PAC-SD

  • Mannie is an outstanding performer with a wide range of capabilities. She is one of the few professionals who has the capability to take on any new challenge and out perform her peers. Mannie is exceptionally intelligent, with a personality that fits well within a team or to work singularly with minimum or no supervision. Without reservation, I recommend Mannie for any demanding position or assignment.

    Terry Simpson - Captain, US Navy (Ret)

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